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What you really need to know about the internet

Lovely interview with John Naughton about the themes of his upcoming book. Worth getting everyone you know to watch this!

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“Kids today need a licence to tinker”

Nice article by John Naughton on the state of IT education in schools: What is happening is that the national curriculum’s worthy aspirations to educate pupils about ICT are transmuted at the chalkface into teaching kids to use Microsoft software. … Continue reading

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Electric wok syndrome

In an acerbic review of Google+, John Naughton explains electric wok syndrome, which is always worth having in the back of your mind: A spectre is haunting the technology industry. It is called “electric wok syndrome” and it mainly afflicts … Continue reading

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Everything you ever need to know about the internet

John Naughton is consistently one of the – if not the – best writers we have about technology. His A Brief History Of The Future is a simply fantastic introduction to the internet: why and how it came about, from … Continue reading

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John Naughton on the iPad

John Naughton‘s Observer piece on the iPad is well worth reading in full: It’s when one tries to use the iPad for generating content that its deficiencies become obvious. The biggest flaw is the absence of multitasking, so you have to … Continue reading

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