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The Twitter guide, updated!

One of the more popular things I have written is the guide to using Twitter in the public sector, published by my good friends at Learning Pool. It was first produce a couple of years ago and was due an … Continue reading

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Who retweeted you?

I didn’t know you could do this. Maybe you don’t either, so I’ll share it. How do you find out which of your tweets have been retweeted, and by who? Turns out, by looking on the Twitter website! First, go … Continue reading

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Police, Twitter, and riots

Really pleased to be able to publish this post from Cisco’s Jeremy Crump on the use of Twitter by the police, with specific reference to the recent disturbances in London, Birmingham and other cities. The widespread use of social media … Continue reading

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Too busy for Twitter?

A common risk associated with public bodies engaging online in spaces like Twitter is that there’s too much interaction to cope with. It’s something that often gets raised when I am talking with clients. E-government bulletin covered the issue recently: … Continue reading

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What is Twitter?

There was a bit of discussion on Twitter this evening about explaining Twitter to the uninitiated. (If this sounds a bit navel-gazingy, that’s because it probably is. Hang around in any online space for long enough and you soon end … Continue reading

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