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What you really need to know about the internet

Lovely interview with John Naughton about the themes of his upcoming book. Worth getting everyone you know to watch this!

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What I’ve been reading

I find this stuff so that you don’t have to. The Case Against Online Participation and Government As A Platform – "the question is: should we just give up and consider open government and government 2.0 an interesting, nice-to-have, but … Continue reading

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Micro-participation at ShropCamp

Continuing my current obsession with micro-participation, I ran a session on the subject at yesterday’s excellent ShropCamp. Basically I chatted through what micro-participation is and what it tries to achieve, where it came from etc. Then I gave some examples … Continue reading

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More on micro-participation

There was an interesting response to my post on micro-participation, in a number of spaces – which goes to show the value in seeding your content on sites other than your own! The most active conversation was on GovLoop where … Continue reading

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The need for micro-participation

A theme I’ve been returning to on a regular basis in the talks I’ve been giving lately has been about the need for government to make participation easier. I’ve blogged in my usual half-assed manner about the participation deficit before, … Continue reading

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