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Themes for 2011

2010 has been an interesting year for the internet. Where will 2011 take us? Here’s a slightly apocalyptic set of thoughts. Wikileaks, privacy and security Anybody who has thought for even a moment about the implications of the internet and … Continue reading

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Everything you ever need to know about the internet

John Naughton is consistently one of the – if not the – best writers we have about technology. His A Brief History Of The Future is a simply fantastic introduction to the internet: why and how it came about, from … Continue reading

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Internet megalomania

John Naughton is spot on about the recent Facebook announcements in his Observer column: What’s comical about this stuff is not so much its implicit arrogance – the assumption that we all want to share using Facebook – as its … Continue reading

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The Joys of a Strong Pound

One of the cool things about a single pound being worth more than $2 is that geeks like me can buy domain names on the cheap. For example, the other week I got a .net domain for less than a … Continue reading

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Stikipad, which I mentioned in my brief round up of wikis recently, has now made it’s free account have unlimited edits. Thank goodness sanity has prevailed – 5 edits would be nowhere near enough for someone to work out whether … Continue reading

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