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Big society: app stores and hyperlocal democracy

David Wilcox has been doing a great job documenting the discussions around the Big Society agenda, which according to the website, is an organisation being set up by frustrated citizens for frustrated citizens, to help everyone achieve change in their … Continue reading

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Event reporting toolkit

David has written about covering events again as part of his investigation of the role of the social reporter. He writes: So on the one hand it is more difficult to charge for the logistics, and on the other hand … Continue reading

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Convening through reporting

David Wilcox has published another great thought-piece on social reporting and exactly what it is and where it fits: I’m delighted to find there’s increasing interest in social reporting around events … which may start with an enquiry about how … Continue reading

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On Social Reporting

David Wilcox, the godfather of the social reporting concept, has written up his reflections from a couple of days spent at an event in Portugal: What was unusual, in my experience, was that we had the benefit of a three … Continue reading

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David Wilcox interviews Clay Shirky

Great interview by David Wilcox with Clay Shirky – check it out here if the embed doesn’t work for you.

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Video at Digital Inclusion

I’m chucking up some nice bits of video over on the DC10plus social reporting site. I especially like this one, featuring David Wilcox and some impairment-simulation gear: [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kS5ipjIkifo]

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The Social Reporter

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Social reporting at SICamp

David Wilcox has taken his new Nokia to the Social Innovation Camp this weekend and is putting up some great video – social reporting in action! Incidentally, David tweeted earlier asking how Qik video can be embedded into a WordPress.com … Continue reading

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Getting things into the open

David Wilcox has taken the bull by the horns and created an open thread on the OpenRSA blog calling for a more collaborative approach to the discussion on jounalism being carried out on the RSA networks platform. This debate is … Continue reading

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Private and public collaboration

There is an interesting project underway at RSA Networks, the social network for Royal Society fellows, and, for the moment at least, anyone else who fancies joining in (that’s the category I belong to, by the way). It has been … Continue reading

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