Here’s where you can find some of the things I have put together to introduce, explain and generally make life easier.

1. Using Pageflakes to Create Distributed Communities

This screencast shows how the Pageflakes personalised homepage service can be used to create a distributed community, pulling content in around a shared theme using RSS and tagging.

Click here to view the screencast.

2. 8 Tips for Beginner Bloggers

Giant blog post explaining what you need to do to ensure your blog is a successful one!

Click here to see the tips.

3. Widget Guide

Another mega-post explaining what all the widgets available at do.

Click here for the widget goodness.

4. Workshop Planning Template

A nice form to use to plan workshops, meetings and other events, ensuring you remain focused on the purpose of every agenda item!

Workshop Planner Template

5. Better Blogging E-book

This is a PDF collection of some of the better pieces on blogging that have appeared on DavePress. Feel free to print and share with folk who will find it useful!

Better Blogging

6. Effective Collaboration with Wikis

A nine and a bit point guide to how to ensure wiki projects succeed.

Effective Collaboration with Wikis

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