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Boring system announcement

If you can see this, it means I have managed to successfully rehost DavePress! Do me a favour and leave me a ‘hurrah!’ in the comments. It will a) make me feel better and b) help me to know everything … Continue reading

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Moving DavePress

After many frustrations with the company hosting this blog, I’ve finally given in and will be moving it. Am hoping to have it all done today (Sunday), but we’ll see how it goes. This might look janky for a bit. … Continue reading

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Apologies if you have been confronted by a nonsensical post full of error messages from this site – something went wrong with my automated bookmark posting thingumy. Anyway, hopefully it won’t happen again. Update: it happened again. Sorry.

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DavePress bookshop

I’ve always wanted to own a bookshop. Somewhere nice and quiet, with tables to sit down and read, some sort of tea and coffee arrangement and plenty of books to browse and buy. I’m obviously not ever going to have … Continue reading

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Posting links

Since delicious upgraded itself, the automatic posting of stuff I have bookmarked has stragely stopped on DavePress. Not at all sure why. Anyway, to improve things, I have installed the Postalicious plugin for WordPress, which will handle all this for … Continue reading

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