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Scheming Virtuously: A Handbook for Public Servants

I love stuff like this. Nick Charney works in government in Canada, and is also a prolific and excellent blogger. He’s also pretty active on GovLoop, which is where I first came across him I think. Anyway, follow his stuff. … Continue reading

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Yay for Kindle

Amazon have just relaunched the Kindle e-reading device in the UK, with a new model, which looks rather spiffy. Mine is one of the old, white ones – but I still love it. The new one features a new layout … Continue reading

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Websites I love: Project Gutenberg

There are a lot of people who still see the internet as being something that is purely the domain of right-wing lunatics and porn fiends, which is of course a shame. The internet has created, or at least helped to … Continue reading

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Open Leadership

Am reading an excellent book at the moment – Open Leadership by Charlene Li. Fans of dead-tree web 2.0 reading will be familiar with Groundswell, which Li co-authored and was chock-full of interesting case studies – mostly from the US … Continue reading

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