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The net delusion

The Net Delusion by Evgeny Morozov looks like it will be useful and interesting reading for those interested in the internet and its effects on politics and democracy, providing something of an alternative (thanks to Dom for the wording advice) … Continue reading

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Some innovation reading

Not so much dead tree reading, for me anyway, as I tend to read books on my Kindle these days (they’re awfully good), but here’s a few books that I’ve found really useful on the topic of innovation. All those … Continue reading

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Open Leadership

Am reading an excellent book at the moment – Open Leadership by Charlene Li. Fans of dead-tree web 2.0 reading will be familiar with Groundswell, which Li co-authored and was chock-full of interesting case studies – mostly from the US … Continue reading

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Some recent reading

As well as blogs, tweets and reports that are published online, I spend quite a bit of time reading books too. They are often great for the bigger picture stuff which requires a bit of thought and chewing over. Here’s … Continue reading

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Find what I’m reading

I’m still having a couple of technical problems here getting my delicious bookmarks posted up to the blog. Just in case this is causing you a great deal of anguish – and I completely understand if it isn’t – you … Continue reading

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