If you or your organisation is looking to get involved in online conversations, or using the web as a means of collaborating with others on joint projects, or would just like to know what the hell Twitter is, then I might be able to help. Here are some examples:

Communicate Use the web to communicate and collaborate the way it should be done in the 21st century
Social network Find out how social networks can transform the way you engage with others
RSS icon Emerging technology such as RSS will help you to keep a track of the information that’s important to you
Camcorder Discover how using rich online media can help you get your message across in an innovative and effective way

If you are interested in any of the stuff above, or maybe some other fifth thing, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I have given talks and run workshops at a number of organisations. In some instances this has involved a considerable amount of preparation, including one example of building a demonstration bespoke social network.

Using a mixture of online and offline, hi and low tech approaches, I can help you identify where your issues are, and what tools can be used to solve them. I can coach people in using social media tools, including blogs and wikis.

If you like, you can check my online career profile at LinkedIn.