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Apologies for the disruption in service. Little’un has been in hospital for a while and all my spare time is spent with him and my better half. Hopefully they will be home and normal service resumed later this week.

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Visual Book List

I have started a visual book list. Looks quite nice, though the numbers of unfinished books worries me slightly. Will get round to writing little reviews at some point for each one.

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Chain Reading

Chain Reading. It’s like a social booklist keeping thing. Kind of. You select the book you are reading, and have read, and will read. Recommend them to people. Maybe they will recommend some to you. Fairly interesting. Of course, some … Continue reading

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Glypho appears to be a site offering collective authorship. It looks quite interesting, but at a guess I would say the quality of writing is probaby variable…

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Murder suspect’s Google searches spotlighted in trial

Horrible! From Guardian Technology: “Prosecutors claim a Mac specialist on trial in connection with the killing of his wife did a Google search for the words: “neck snap break” and “hold” before she was killed. Robert Petrick, who is defending … Continue reading

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