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Links 26/10/05

Two in two days! You are so lucky. Tony Finch: Frustrated by Thunderbird The Guardian: You can judge a person by their book covers

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Advertising God

I love these posters. The sheer awfulness of the puns they employ never fail to make me smile. This was taken on my cameraphone (hence (lack of) quality) in Warwick.

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Links 25/10/05

Haven’t done one of these for a while. Sorry! Joel: Something Rotten in AdSense CyberJournalist: Top 10 Reasons for Reading a News Site Google Base Was Sort of Live Phil Bradley asks which blogging system he should switch to

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Gutenberg formatting

Palimpsest’s Book Group is reading two H.G. Wells books at the moment. Being a skinflint, I thought I would download them from Project Gutenberg, a library of free books available in ext format, and sometimes HTML. The two novels are: … Continue reading

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In the News

Been listening to Radio 4 and the Today programme on the way into work recently. This morning’s news was full of interesting stuff: Galloway accused of Senate ‘lies’ – I am no fan of Galloway’s, but I do find it … Continue reading

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