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William Golding

Great quote from William Golding just popped up on ‘Quote of the Day’ on my customised Google homepage: Life isn’t fair. It’s just fairer than death, that’s all.

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Steve Bell on the IRA Announcement

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A Good Day to Die – Simon Kernick

A Good Day to Die is Kernick‘s fourth book, and it brings back the anti-hero of the first, disgraced ex-copper Dennis Milne. (Clicking the book cover takes you to Amazon – the commission helps fund Palimpsest) Kernick’s books are a … Continue reading

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BBC Podcasts

The BBC are running a trial offering some of their radio programmes as downloads, effectively making them podcasts. Might give this a go for some of the more interesting stuff. Mark Kermode‘s film reviews might well become a regular listen.

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Palimpsest Book Group

Palimpsest has a book group, discussing books read by all the members in a topic on the forum. It has worked really well in the past, but recently has fallen behind a little. To try and perk things up a … Continue reading

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