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Skunkworks videos

Today I came across two useful videos featuring Mark O’Neil – a CIO in central government and the guy that heads up the government skunkworks – talking about his work. They can be found via the UKauthorITy site: Skunkworks: How … Continue reading

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If not skunkworks, then maybe creative collaborations?

On my recent two posts on bringing the idea of skunkworks to local government, several people made the extremely reasonable point that I probably wasn’t really talking about skunkworks at all. Steph said in the comments: …it seems to me … Continue reading

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Bookmarks for December 30th through January 9th

I find this stuff so that you don’t have to. Engagement advice – Mick reports on a good list of engagement tips via @govloop Our Society – "Our Society aims to connect people who are genuinely concerned to move power … Continue reading

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What would a local government skunk works look like?

So my post about whether local government needs skunk works got quite a reaction both in the comments and on Twitter, so it’s obviously something people are interested in discussing. How can we move the debate forward? Let me sketch … Continue reading

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Do we need skunkworks in local government?

Simon Dickson has been doing his best to keep us up to date with the government skunkworks, the project to form a tight group of innovators in central government to work on new ideas. If you’re new to the idea … Continue reading

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