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Radical transparency in local government – what can you do?

Something like Wikileaks couldn’t happen in local government, could it? Well, it looks like something similar is kicking off in Lincolnshire, with the Watching Lincolnshire County Council blog. It’s a whistleblowing site, where disgruntled employees are sharing rumours, gossip and … Continue reading

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If place is a system, let’s make it an open source one

This is a post that has been brewing for a long while, so sorry if it smells a bit. The basic concept hit me during FutureGov‘s excellent CityCamp London event, and keeps reoccurring as I have chats with people and … Continue reading

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What would a local government skunk works look like?

So my post about whether local government needs skunk works got quite a reaction both in the comments and on Twitter, so it’s obviously something people are interested in discussing. How can we move the debate forward? Let me sketch … Continue reading

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