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iPad therefore I am

by Dave on June 1, 2010

in Hardware

Organising yourself with Evernote

by Dave on April 12, 2010

in Software, Web 2.0

How I write

by Dave on January 5, 2010

in Blogging

2009’s top tech

by Dave on January 1, 2010

in Social Media, Software, Web 2.0

Working in the cloud

by Dave on August 21, 2008

in Featured, Online Working, Software

My iPhone Apps

by Dave on July 23, 2008

in Apple, Software

10 Great Firefox extensions

by Dave on January 14, 2008

in Browsers

A social media software toolkit

by Dave on January 13, 2008

in Software

Free as in Beer

by Dave on April 21, 2007

in Software