#lgworkforce – Implementing a major organisational transformation

Melanie Wood and Catherine Griffiths from Birmingham City Council talk about how to take £450m out of the budget, addressing the workforce implications and creating new ways of working.

  • Birmingham is the largest local authority in Europe – £3.4b revenue expenditure, 52,600 employees and has large funding cuts announced
  • Excellence in people management – model which aims to improve performance, manage headcount and produce an org that is fit for purpose
  • Strategic Workforce Planning – effective and aligned business strategy, drives innovation, influence Council planning in a volatile environment, creation of collaborative networks with partner orgs
  • Four areas of team capability – people management intelligence, workforce planning, talent management and succession planning, innovation hubs
  • Model: define plan, analyse demand, analyse supply, plan actions, implement and review
  • Intranet content and e-learning are key tools
  • Developing modelling tools with a local university to help understand the organisation and plan for change
  • Org design function established after HR redesign at BCC
  • Role is to help managers and leaders run an org capable of delivering excellent services in a time of cost-cutting
  • Eliminating duplication, facilitating service innovation, removing barriers to collaboration, finding the ‘bright spots’ and replicating them
  • Components of org design – model, methodology, principles, knowledge management, toolkit (by phase) and a development programme
  • Systems thinking based approach.
  • 4 phases – asses, design, implement, embed and revisit
  • Regulatory studies case study – saved £3.5m over 4 years. Front line services maintained through technology investments. 300 staff affected.

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