Bookmarks for September 2nd through September 6th

Stuff I have bookmarked for September 2nd through September 6th:

  • How to Keep WordPress Secure – The official word on preventing your WP site getting hacked.
  • The Ugliest Website in the World – “Craigslist is willing to do the basic, boring stuff again and again and again. It thinks long-term. It puts people first. It trusts them. And millions of people trust it back and use it every day to find love and cars and stuff. Craigslist, the anti-brand, is one of the biggest brands of the 21st Century.”
  • Idea Management – Innovation Management – Crowdsourcing – Suggestion Box – Customer Feedback – “IdeaScale enables companies to build communities based on the simple model of crowdsourcing. It begins with an idea posted to your IdeaScale portal by a user. Each idea is then expanded by voting and comments from the community.”
  • A Fond Farewell to Nomad – “As of 06 November 2009, after six highly successful years Nomad will be ceasing its activity to promote mobile and flexible working in the public sector.”

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Dave Briggs runs Kind of Digital, an online innovation agency helping organisations make themselves more interesting using the web. He's been writing this blog since 2004 and still isn't bored.
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