Barcamp-Teacamp this Thursday (18/12/08)

Teacamps are the rather British regular get togethers for people interested in cool webby stuff in government. They take place every other Thursday at the House of Fraser cafe on Victoria Street.

Turnout has been a little disappointing of late, so I hear – I’m one of those that hasn’t appeared for a few meets – but it would be great to have as many people along as possible this week. For  one, it’s nearly Christmas and it would be good to pass on season’s greetings in person.

Mainly, though, it seems like a really good opportunity to discuss the upcoming Barcamp, which is taking place at the end of January. From what I gather, preparations are progressing nicely, but it would be great for a pre-meet to take place, where folk can talk together about what they are planning to present, or maybe what they would like to see from others.

So, hope to see lots of you there – 2pm, Thursday 18 Dec, House of Fraser cafe.

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9 Responses to Barcamp-Teacamp this Thursday (18/12/08)

  1. Is Barcamp an open event for anyone to attend, or do you need to sign up? Not clear from the url you linked to (or I’m just being a numpty). Hopefully get a chance to attend…

  2. Dave says:

    Andrew – it is absolutely open to anyone! I’m really keen for more local government folk to be involved in this stuff, especially the barcamp which is such a great day.

    All you have to do is add your name to the wiki for now, a (slightly) more formal registration process will happen in the new year.

    Would be fab if you could make it!

  3. Big question (at least as far as those on high are concerned) – any cost other than getting there?

  4. Seb Monks says:

    It is right opposite City Hall – I will be there!

  5. Dave says:

    Great! Will be good to meet up, Seb!

  6. Caspar says:

    Maybe everyone else has more flexible working terms than me, but I find it being held during working hours a bit of a hindrance! I hope to get along eventually, though.

  7. Oooo – thanks for the reminder. If I can plow through all my Ofsted scores, I might just head up to Teacamp.

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