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Social Media Presentation

This is a presentation I put together for a gathering of facilitators on IDeA’s Communities of Practice platform on the hot topicof social meda tools. I hosted it at the excellent SlideShare.

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RSS in Plain English

This video is a great intro to RSS. Tags: rss

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Headset problems

I’ve got a Logitech 250 headset, which I mainly use for Skype calls. All of a sudden though, it’s been producing the most awful crackling sound, making it effectively unusable. Anyone know what the problem might be? Update: Whatever it … Continue reading

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The Joys of a Strong Pound

One of the cool things about a single pound being worth more than $2 is that geeks like me can buy domain names on the cheap. For example, the other week I got a .net domain for less than a … Continue reading

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How to tell…

from Gaping Void.

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