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5 ways wikis will work

As every day goes by, I am becoming a bigger fan of the wiki form. It’s not ideal in every scenario, but I really believe that every organisation should have at least one. Here’s five ways local gov can use … Continue reading

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10 Tips for Startup Blogs

Here’s a list of good stuff you can do when starting out with a blog. I’ll follow this post up in the future tackling each of them in a little more detail. If you would like to discuss starting a … Continue reading

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Homepage change

Those of you who visit this site by the main URL,, will have noticed a different layout to the homepage. Rather than jumping straight to the blog, I’ve installed a static home page, with the blog entries a mere … Continue reading

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BlogJet: why, oh why…

Now, I love BlogJet. But why is it that whenever I load it up, it’s always in a small window, no matter what size it was when I closed it last? And then, when I click to maximise the window, … Continue reading

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How to write an ebook

Seth Godin has put a Squidoo lens together on writing ebooks. It contains some excellent advice: Write something worth reading! Put it into Word or a similar word processor. Change your page layout to wide. Even better, change your page … Continue reading

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