Monthly Archives: March 2005

Been Away

I have been away for a few days over the Easter weekend. Normal service will be resumed today, hopefully…

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E-mail is under-used in politics

From the BBC: The dramatic rise in home internet access has failed to plug the communication gap between politicians and citizens, a new survey has found. The survey, commissioned by Telewest Business, found that only 1% of people have contacted … Continue reading

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Quoting Whole Posts

From Scbole: Diego wants off of my link blog Diego doesn’t want me to republish his blog posts. So far he’s the third person to ask me to stop doing that on my linkblog. What do I do? Simply unsubscribe … Continue reading

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Mobiles and Petrol Stations

I’ve always wondered about this… UK professor concludes: cellphones don’t cause gas station fires Maybe MythBusters isn’t a solid enough scientific authority for Connecticut state senator Andreas Stillman, who wants to ban the use of cellphones when you’re filling up … Continue reading

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Growing Readership

Some good advice from Susan Mernit: How to grow your (blogging) audience The traffic to this blog has gone up in the past three months, and it’s surely at least in part a result of some things I consciously put … Continue reading

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