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WordPress is a great bit of software, and by far the easiest way to get up and running with it is to use the usually free hosted version at It’s even easier to get started than ever, with Learn … Continue reading

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Phones, phones, phones

To probably misquote Stephen Fry: “Was there ever a smartphone that I didn’t buy?” As I posted a little while ago, I’m pretty happy with the Nexus One. Android is a nice, feature rich, open operating system, and the hardware … Continue reading

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In what looks like a pretty interesting collaboration between what was the LGA Group and YouGov, YouChoose is an online budget simulator that: encourages members of the public to consider where council budget cuts should fall, where efficiencies might be … Continue reading

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Technology, learning and knowledge

I had a good time up in Scotland last week, and enjoyed putting together and delivering my talk at the Learning Pool event we ran – which saw a great turnout. My discussion focused on the use of technology in … Continue reading

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Getting crowdsourcing right

Steph has a great post about crowdsourcing in government: It’s human nature to want to work on your own projects, rather than those imposed upon you. It’s human nature to want to earn recognition, intellectual satisfaction and a good living … Continue reading

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