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Ads in Feeds? Please, no.

Hmmm. So FeedBurner is going to start allowing folk to embed Adsense in their RSS feeds. I don’t like ads on blogs much, I have to say, and getting content through RSS usually lets you avoid them. I really don’t … Continue reading

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Further ICELE debate

Steven Clift rightly points folk to the discussions going on at the UK & Ireland eDemocracy exchange about the demise of ICELE, in the comments to my previous post on the topic. Here’s a sample of what folk are saying … Continue reading

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An EU Political MySpace?

From EU Observer: Plans are being developed to launch a social networking site for MEPs and MPs to boost contacts between politicians across Europe and promote a trans-European democracy. – officially to be launched in October – is a … Continue reading

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ICELE – now you don’t

Poor old ICELE. First of all, Professor Stephen Coleman questioned it’s utility on the Connecting Bristol blog: I have been following e-democracy in the UK since its earliest manifestations in the work of UKCOD (UK Citizens e-Democracy), established in 1996. … Continue reading

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Taken with my new Nikon D40.

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