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links for 2006-07-21

No more death by PowerPoint (tags: powerpoint)

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The current situation in the Middle East is unbelievably depressing. Stuff like this from Melanie Phillips hardly makes one more sympathetic to the Israelis.

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Wikipedia CD

Hadn’t come across this before, but the children’s charity SOS Children’s Villages UK has produced a downloadable .zip of Wikipedia entries they think would be useful to children in terms of subject and quality, that people can distribute via CD. … Continue reading

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Yahoo, Microsoft tie message knot

From the BBC: Users of the Yahoo and Microsoft instant messaging programs can now contact each other directly. The two firms have released software that ties the two networks into a huge community of 350 million users. The trial software … Continue reading

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links for 2006-07-10

Allez les Bleus! (tags: football zidane) Rough Type: Nicholas Carr’s Blog: Emergent bureaucracy (tags: wiki wikipedia)

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