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Crowd sourcing ideas with WordPress

For a customer, we at Kind of Digital have been putting together a prototype system using WordPress to crowdsource ideas from the public. We’ve done plenty of reading about previous attempts at this sort of thing, and hopefully have avoided … Continue reading

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More notes on mobile apps and government

I still haven’t really got my head around mobile apps and their use for government services. However, James Coltham wrote up some excellent notes from a meeting up in Scotland on the subject recently: There is definitely a groundswell of interest, … Continue reading

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Micro-participation at ShropCamp

Continuing my current obsession with micro-participation, I ran a session on the subject at yesterday’s excellent ShropCamp. Basically I chatted through what micro-participation is and what it tries to achieve, where it came from etc. Then I gave some examples … Continue reading

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Blockers, and how to handle them

If you’re an innovative type, wanting to get some sort of new thing off the ground, you’re bound to run into people who do their best to stop you. There are a number of reasons why they might choose to … Continue reading

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More on micro-participation

There was an interesting response to my post on micro-participation, in a number of spaces – which goes to show the value in seeding your content on sites other than your own! The most active conversation was on GovLoop where … Continue reading

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