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Euan Semple wrote a short post the other day that really caught my eye. Here it is in full (hopefully he doesn’t mind!): A business where everyone blogs. Everyone thinks about what they are doing and writes about what they … Continue reading

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Introducing Blogbase

Blogbase is a new wiki I have started to put together resources on blogging, for beginners right through to seasoned bloggers. Feel free to check it out, and please sign up to help build up the wiki! Cross posted from … Continue reading

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A perfect blog post

Evan Davis, BBC News’ economics guy, has a pretty good blog called Evanomics (nice). Yesterday he posted on the hot topic of the moment, private equity. And as a blog post, for me it is pretty close to perfect. For … Continue reading

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Hospital Waiting Room Blogging?

Iain Dale points to something which I thought would be very interesting: If you want to know why the NHS is in an administrative mess read THIS post on the site. It is a live ‘waiting room’ blog. Although, … Continue reading

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Movable Type now Open Source

Movable Type is the blogging engine used by TypePad blogs, and is available for download and installation on your own server. Think of the relationship between the two being like and Movable Type and TypePad (as well as … Continue reading

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