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Reimagining town centres

I’ve been an interested follower of the debate around town centres since the Portas review of last year, not least because I live close by to a small town, and indeed it’s one where a debate is raging about the … Continue reading

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WordPress for local government

WordPress, the open source content management system that I use here on this blog, is growing in its utilisation across government. It took root a bit quicker in central government, with the Number 10 site, Defra, Wales Office and the … Continue reading

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Ideapad S205

For the last couple of months I’ve been playing around with a Lenovo Ideapad S205. It’s a slightly bigger than a netbook machine that runs Windows 7. I’ve been a pretty dedicated Mac user for the last five years or … Continue reading

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Some recent dead tree reading

Now and again I find time to read books about work-related stuff. Here are three I have been tucking into recently. John Naughton is a hero of mine. His weekly column in The Observer is required reading, and A Brief History … Continue reading

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An online conference for online stuff

Here’s my latest wheeze: an entirely online conference to discuss digital government stuff. It’ll be free too. Here’s how things will run. There will be two sessions per day, three days a week over 2 weeks – so 12 in … Continue reading

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