101 cool tools: Doodle

I haven’t done one of these for a while, sorry! Here’s the third in my series of 101 cool social media tools, it’s Doodle!


Doodle is a neat little tool for organising when to meet groups of people. Someone starts up a Doodle poll, and lists the dates and times that are possible. They then invite everyone who needs to attend to vote by clicking on the slots they can make.


Doodle then highlights the date and time that the majority of people can make, and that’s your decision made.

So much easier than pinging emails back and forth with suggestions!

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One Response to 101 cool tools: Doodle

  1. paul morgan says:

    If you like doodle, you should also have a look over tungle.me
    It has much better integration with the big calendar providers and more mobile options compared to doodle. Also seems to have been around longer feels more ‘developed’.

    I don’t work for them, I was asked by my boss to look into doodle and as part of the research came across the other one as well. There are a few others too, but tungle seemed the best freemium offering with the integration we needed (Outlook). There are other benefits too, but I’ll leave that to you to research if interested ;)


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