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I just won one of these on ebay:

BBC Micro

It works, too. Can’t wait to have it up and running. Anyone up for a game of Chuckie Egg?

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David March 12, 2009

Chuckie Egg….two words that bring tears to my eyes…the only game I was ever any good at.

What’s sad is my programming has never progressed far beyond the stuff I learned on a BBC…and yet I program as a regular part of my job.

Whitehall Webby March 12, 2009

Ooh, Lemmings too! Any other auctions we should know about ;)

Miles Berry March 13, 2009

This brings back such happy memories. From the days when IT in schools meant programming…

Nick Sharratt March 13, 2009

Enjoy! :-) I have one with the connections for a doomsday disk laserdisk system (but no laserdisk player or doomsday disk!) plus the original I had upgraded (pimped in todays jargon?) with sideways ram, shadow ram etc…but I always play the old games on an emulator on the PC instead these day.

Can’t beat that 2 tone start up beep to be ready to roll. Microsoft’s aim for Instant on Windows? Acorn beat ya too it.

My only sad regret about the beeb is that I’ve lost the disk I’d coded a 100% machine code version of tetris on (with Mode 2 sprite graphics code, high score table etc) :-(

Caspar Aremi March 13, 2009

Chuckie Egg on the BBC Micro at my primary school was the reason I begged and pleaded with my parents to buy me my own computer!

Harry Harrold March 13, 2009

My school drew a name out of a hat to take a BBC home for the holidays, and one holiday my name came up…

Ah, Defender how I loved thee…

Mike Amos-Simpson March 13, 2009

lol awesome :-) for a while I was the only one to use it in our school year, mostly because it was the only time I behaved. Sadly no games though.

Tracey Todhunter March 13, 2009

Even I remember these, we still have one on the loft at home, never thought anyone would buy it. Unfortunately my technophobia was revealed at an early age and I never mastered chuckie egg.

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