I got me a MicroTrack!

I’ve been after a decent audio recorder for a while, and on the recommendations of Neville Hobson, who regularly blogs about such matters, I opted for an M-Audio MicroTrack 2. And very nice it is too.

MicroTrack II

I’m still waiting to use it, because my Compact Flash card hasn’t arrived yet. I haven’t ever seen one of these before, always previously having used SD or Sony’s Memory Sticks. I’m guessing CF cards are pretty big – the slot in the MicroTrack is huuuge!

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4 Responses to I got me a MicroTrack!

  1. Nick Booth says:

    I’ve use microtracks for a while, plus Zoom H2 and some other bits and pieces. The key is not to fiddle with it when recording – because the case transmits the sound you make as your hand moves on the machine.

  2. Dave says:

    Thanks Nick. Still disturbed at the size of the hole in the side of the thing!

  3. Eric says:


    Not to worry about the hole for the flashcard. It’s just about the size of a postage stamp and about as thick as a matchstick width.

    It’s used in most professional digital cameras and, once plugged into an adapter that connects to a USB port, it simply acts like a jump drive to move photo, audio or even text digital files to and from your computer hard drive.

    I’ve used them for roughly a decade and they keep growing in capacity from about 125 or 512 MB to about a max of 4 or 8 GB available right now.

    Eric the Red

  4. Dave says:

    Thanks Eric. Now got a CompactFlash – they really are old school in size terms! The quality of recording on the Mircotrack is superb though, very very pleased with it.

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