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Wikispaces is excellent. I’ve moved the LGNewMedia wiki to there, from a self hosted MediaWiki. Technorati Tags: wikispaces, wiki, lgnewmedia

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Wiki move

I’ve moved the LGNM Wiki to Wikispaces, having had a look round the Social Media wiki that David Wilcox runs. All the existing information has been copied across. The system I had been using, MediaWiki, is excellent,a nd I haven’t … Continue reading

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David Wilcox

I’m a regular reader of David Wilcox‘s blog, and if you aren’t at the moment, you should be. His posts are full of great stuff. He’s also the editor of a wiki which is chock-full of useful social media information. … Continue reading

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I’ve been playing around a little more with Google Coop, and discovered that you can use wildcards when defining the sites you want to search. The way the standard LGSearch works is that I provide Google with a list of … Continue reading

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Defining Social Media

This is nice, via Neville Hobson: ‘Social media’ is the term commonly given to websites and online tools which allow users to interact with each other in some way – by sharing information, opinions, knowledge and interests. As the name … Continue reading

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