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Mac and PC

I really couldn’t think of a better pair than Mitchell and Webb to do the Mac and PC thing for the Apple adverts. Still, they’re a bit annoying. The ads, I mean, not Mitchell and Webb. All this stuff about … Continue reading

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Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebook looks like yet another very cool web app – they don’t seem to be putting a step wrong at the moment. It’s in private alpha at the moment – Hopefully I will soon get in for a play … Continue reading

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Why I love WordPress 2.1

Visitors to my blog site, rather than just RSS readers, will have noticed a slight change on the right hand side of the site this evening – the archives and categories have just got a lot bigger! This is because … Continue reading

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2,000 odd bloggers

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Comment deletion

Steve Rubel asks why it is that not many blogging and other social media platforms allow commenters to edit or delete the comments they make on community based sites. Everyone sticks their foot in it from time to time. If … Continue reading

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