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Return of the native

Really thoughtful article here from the BBCs Stephen Sackur on his return to the UK after 15 years of foreign jaunts. Until I was 18 years old, I had never met a black man or woman. Nor, knowingly at least, … Continue reading

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Watching and Reading

Watched Shaun of the Dead last night, an Amazon Rental DVD. The only one of the three that arrived on Friday without a crack in it. Still, it was an excellent, funny film and I recommend it. I emailed Amazon … Continue reading

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Bowes Museum

A friend mentioned today that she had visited The Bowes Museum in County Durham. Quickly googled it, and what an impressive building it is: The reason this cropped up? The Raphael painting The Madonna of the Pinks is currently on … Continue reading

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ITunes Frenzy

Just bought a few tracks on ITunes: Razorlight’s brilliant new single Somewhere Else A few tracks by mid ’90s brit poppers Shed Seven: On Standby, Chasing Rainbows and Where Have you Been Tonight? The Boo Radley’s great Wake Up Boo! … Continue reading

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Bloggers Spot the Google Browser

It looks like the Gbrowser is in development after all, just as many people thought. From Micro Persuasion: …now comes word from MarketingVOX that bloggers have spotted the browser in their server logs.

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